Courageous! Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity

Courageous! is a strong Artificial General Intelligence and quantum-proof Cybersecurity research and product development think tank that serves advanced security initiatives of national governments. 



AI Riot control

Courageous! engages in research and product development to formulate  crowd, riot, and uprising control Artificial Intelligence solutions that can be deployed immediately inside specified parameters with varying degrees of dissension deterrents.

AI Defense

Courageous! engages in research and product development of Artificial Intelligence defense solutions and offensive AI countermeasures to cyberattacks that serve the security interests of national governments.


Courageous! develops AI solutions uniquely suited to specific needs at record pace.  Machine learning, reasoning, and neural networks are essential to relevance and viability in a global marketplace, and Courageous! follows a proprietary R&D process ensuring output excellence.  

We are currently in the greatest arms race in human history with strong AGI being the grand prize. Courageous! is researching and significantly advancing the race to strong (superhuman) AGI solutions that learns from itself and others and can be applied to numerous business and government ends.  

superhuman intelligence




Known for being able to prevent every known data breach to date, this software serves critical infrastructure, financial services, governments, utilities, higher ed, and healthcare by making the data literally disappear when at rest, bringing it into existence only when it is actually needed, and then destroying it once a dynamic process has completed. It supports customer service, mass postal mailing, mass emailing, and all other use cases with sensitive data. Even if a breach occurred, there is no data to steal.  It is the ultimate quantum-proof enterprise cybersecurity solution.

  • Includes Real-Time Attack Monitoring Analytics

  • Protects Against Rogue Insider and Outsider Data Abuse

  • Eliminates Recovery Costs in Event of Network Breach

  • Complete Quantum-proof Cybersecurity 

  • Fast, Scalable Deployment Adaptable to all IT Infrastructure





 Even if your networks are breached, this solution protects all data at the end-user level.  This scalable, proprietary software works with existing IT infrastructure and deploys effortlessly and seamlessly while providing encryption, identity management, audit, and user behavior analytics. This technology is not merely a perimeter defense, but extends beyond your firewalls and networks and follows your data wherever it goes outside the network making it the strongest security for in-house and remote employees and contractors.

  • Supplements or Replaces 9 Cybersecurity Technologies* 

  • Steller ROI over Procurring Individual/Disparate Solutions

  • Significantly Extends Security beyond Vertical Products

  • Completely Covers Data in the Burgeoning IoT Market

  • HITRUST-certified and Provides Anti-ransomware and Zero-day Protection

  • No Minimum Number of Seats



*Supplements or replaces: Data Loss Prevention, Data Rights Management, Storage Encryption, Secure Email, Malware Protection for Zero-day Threats, Governance, Risk, & Compliance, User Behavior Analytics, Intrusion Detection, and Backup, Versioning, & Data Recovery.

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