Courageous! Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity

Courageous! is a strong Artificial General Intelligence and quantum-proof Cybersecurity research and product development think tank that serves advanced security initiatives of national governments. 



AI Riot control

Courageous! engages in research and product development to formulate  crowd, riot, and uprising control artificial intelligence solutions that can be deployed immediately inside specified parameters with varying degrees of dissension deterrents.

AI Defense

Courageous! engages in research and product development of various AI defense solutions to serve the security interests of national governments and critical infrastructure, such as communications, utilities, and financial markets. 


Courageous! develops AI solutions uniquely suited to specific needs at record pace.  Machine learning, reasoning, and neural networks are essential to relevance and viability in a global marketplace, and Courageous! follows a proprietary R&D process ensuring output excellence.  

We are currently in the greatest arms race in human history with strong AI being the grand prize. Courageous! is researching and significantly advancing the race to strong (superhuman) AI /AGI solutions that learns from itself and others and can be applied to numerous business and government ends.  

superhuman intelligence


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